• Teacher Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials

Christine Jones

Kristian Moretto, PEG Division from Australia

In 2002 I met with the interview team in Brisbane where I was freely allowed to express my desires, opinions, and feelings. This gave me the sense that with this company I would be able to achieve many great things because the doors were open for its members to excel in self development of their skills. Since then I still find this to be true.

I began teaching which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially with our younger students. Seeing them learn new language and cultural skills through our teaching system gave me the pleasure and the conviction that I would like to continually be involved with children's education. Kohgakusha once again opened the doors for me to both teach and be a part of our student's lives.

After progressing to the position of senior-teacher of a formidably sized school I began to engage in system development within the school and the results were noticed in many areas.

Today, I still thank Kohgakusha for opportunity and freedom to express and apply myself in the development of this company and I hope that many may benefit from these works.

Stacey Burke

Reneka Sakashita, PEG Division from USA

Although I was interested in teaching children when I first came to Japan, I took a job teaching English to businesspeople. Having a degree in Economics and a little business experience, I thought this was the most logical choice. Although I enjoyed my work, I eventually decided that I wanted my work to make a difference. Therefore, when I decided to look for a new job, I was initially drawn to Kohgakusha because of its various charitable programs. At first, the transition was difficult because most of the classes I had been teaching consisted of detailed grammatical explanations, and discussion on business-related topics. Needless to say, this was not great training for facing a room full of five year olds. But I worked hard and with the support of my colleagues I quickly made the transition. Now, the real attraction in working for this company is in my classroom. Not only do I get to see my students grow and develop into smarter better people, but every day they also teach me something new and I in turn become a little bit better. Though I have only worked for Kohgakusha for two years, I can honestly say that I love my job and I still wake up every morning fresh and excited to go to work and teach my students.

Ana Sakiyama

Ana Sakiyama, PJR Division from the Philippines

I believe learning English is a start line for international communications and so, I choose to work at Kohgakusha to serve as a bridge for Japanese kids to learn, speak and join the "world of English".

It is a big challenge for me to live and settle in Japan. I've been here for 17 years and had worked at different companies, schools and universities. Now I've finally decided what I wanted to do. It's a teaching job at Kohgakusha. At PJR division, we specialized in early education, stage from infant to primary levels. We also emphasis teaching the basic concepts such as Alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, vocabularies, book reading, singing and sentence making.

The key element for PJR is to improve the kids, listening, speaking, reading, writing and visual understanding through mental responsiveness and awareness of bodily existence.

Each lesson last for fifty minutes, sometimes it is extended chatting with Moms and kids.

Working at PJR division is really fun and like to be challenged. What I really loved to see is when the students are enjoying the lesson. I'm so happy when the kids (especially the babies) start talking and say to me the words "Hello" and "Good morning".

Kohgakusha offers many opportunities to meet, learn and teach. This job has given me great satisfaction in what I do, as I can see results of my work everyday. Therefore, I'm proud to be part of Kohgakusha, PJR division.

Christine Jones

Stephen Barrett, PRI Division from USA

Since starting at Kohgakusha I have learned a lot about teaching and children. My fellow coworkers have been a great source of encouragement and help since my start here.

Teaching in the classroom has been quite fun. Also, being prepared with something new and exciting for my students keeps me sharp. At Kohgakusha I have had various opportunities to develop my leadership skills. Going on trips and to camps with the kids has created opportunities to develop valuable leadership and planning skills.

I have had many magical memories at Kohgakusha: from nights out with the staff, to seminars and workshops with my fellow teachers. At Kohgakusha we are continually refining our methods and adding creative ways to teach English to children. It has been a great experience for me.

Christine Jones

Robert Blair, ELC Division from USA

I’ve lived in Japan for 5 years now, 3 of them with Kohgakusha. My Kohgakusha experience has been fun, challenging, and never boring.

I remember when I interviewed for the ELC position; I observed a lesson taught by an experienced teacher. Kids were laughing AND learning! They were allowed to stand up, they were allowed to move around, and they couldn’t wait to see what the teacher had in store for them next. It wasn’t all about writing in a book; kids were allowed to be kids and they were better at English than any kid I had taught in my previous job.

At ELC, I’m responsible for planning lessons, for gathering materials, and for making sure that kids enjoy English, rather than just study it. That much responsibility is a double edged sword, as the kids will either succeed or fail based on much effort I put into their lessons. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.